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Yoast Seo, Yoast Plugin For Website | How to Install / Use Yoast Seo Pugin

Are you a blogger, or a web owner? and you find it difficult using Yoast Seo, Yoast Plugin For Website? Have you tried to Install and Use Yoast Seo Pugin for your website but it tells you error? You are not alone because i will be telling you all you need to know about Yoast seo and how it will help you in your blogging business.

The Yoast seo plugin is a popular WordPress plugin which allows bloggers to get their readers attention. Many do not know how this plugin works but i am going to be telling you in one of the paragraphs. Just read on.

Every blogger wants a spectacular and unique content, content that is captivating and mind blowing. Something that can get the attention of his or her readers online.

Yoast seo plugin will always guide you if you are writing article. It will give you the accurate intensity of your key words.

Yoast Seo Plugin Benefits And Features

There are awesome features and benefit of Yoast seo and they are fully written down below for your understanding.

Yoast Seo, Yoast Plugin For Website | How to Install / Use Yoast Seo Pugin

This features are what makes it unique and peculiar as it helps every user and blogger get what he or she wants easily.

The benefit/features includes,

  1. Internal linking suggestions
  2. Preview of your page in Google
  3. Preview of your page in social media
  4. It helps you optimize every page for up to 5 keywords
  5. It also increase the possibility and chances that people go through your page in search engines. that is, Readability check.
  6. Redirect manager as your visitors don’t get stuck on a 404 Not Found page.

There are many benefits to derive after installing this yoast seo plugin for your website. If you are looking for a high rank in google or other search engines, this plugin is just right there to help you.

How to Install / Use Yoast Seo Plugin

This is very technical but i will just simplify it for you for easy understanding. The installation procedure will be listed down below for you. Just read them and apply carefully.

Yoast Seo, Yoast Plugin For Website | How to Install / Use Yoast Seo Pugin

To Install the Yoast seo plugin freely without any difficulty into your website,

  • Have your device fully connected to the internet
  • Then open your website dashboard,
  • Click on plugins below
  • Select add new plugin
  • Type the name “Yoast Seo plugin”
  • Install and activate.

Also to use your Seo plugin effectively, you will need to be watching it as you are writing any post so it will guide you. It will turn green if you are on the right track just as the image above.

Remember also that yo need to set up the Yoast seo after activation. Just click on the yoast seo and select dashboard, once opened, select features an enable all. Select save settings to activate.

You may also choose to set up your info in the dashboard menu of the Seo by providing your site name and selecting if really the site is owned by company or person.

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If you select company, you will be asked the company name and logo. just provide all the correct details and click on save settings to activate. The other menu can be set also if you choose to. visit for more details.

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Good Luck!


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