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Reprint Jamb Slip 2018 Form from Gmail, Yahoo Mail for exam date,Center

This is to inform all student who registered for Jamb that the reprinting of the slip 2018 form has now commenced. You will be seeing How To Reprint Jamb Slip 2018 Form From Gmail, Yahoo Mail. The right procedure for you to follow is fully written below and you just need to read them carefully to avoid error.

One of the ways through which candidates are accessing their JAMB Exam date and center is by logging in to their gmail address to check if JAMB Has sent the PDF copy of their examination slip.

If you have not done your reprinting or that you do not know how to reprint jamb slip 2018 form, then you just only need to read and scan through this post so that you will get started.

Also if you in one way or the other misplace your jamb slip form, there is opportunity also for you to reprint it here. You can start doing so now.

There are two important method on how to reprint Jamb slip 2018 form, and i will be disclosing them to you in this post. Just pay attention and you will be done in a minute. The procedure are also written to make it more easier for you.

How To Reprint Jamb Slip 2018 Form From Gmail, Yahoo Mail (#method 1)

This paragraph covers the first method on how to reprint Jamb slip 2018 form form your Gmail or Yahoo mail address.

  • First of all, log on to
  • Make sure the gmail you are logging to, is the one used when you were registering for your Jamb
  • Then put in your password and username
  • Wait for it to open,
  • Look for message which came from Jamb
  • Open it to see your Jamb slip 2018 form with the exam date contained inside
  • Click on Print button to print immediately.

How to reprint Jamb slip 2018 form fro Yahoo mail

This is for those who used the yahoo mail as their email address during registration

  • Log on to
  • Enter your yahoo mail address just like (
  • Key-in your password
  • Click login or the sign in button
  • Then allow to open
  • Look for a message from Jamb
  • Open to see the Jamb slip form for the 2018
  • Click on print and get it printed
  • Congratulations you are done

Now, the above steps or procedure covers the first method on how to reprint the Jamb slip 2018 form from different mail address. We are going to see how to reprint through the official jamb website.

Reprint Jamb Slip Form From Jamb official website (#Method 2)

This is strictly on how to reprint your jamb slip form 2018 through the Jamb official website. If you feel that this method will be easier for you, then follow up the procedure below to get started.

Reprint Jamb Slip 2018 Form from Gmail, Yahoo Mail for exam date,Center

  1. First, log on to
  2. Log on to Jamb profile
  3. Create E-facility Account/Login and wait for the page to load
  4. Put in username and password
  5. Then after that, login with the username and password details
  6. Then once you are login to the Jamb profile,
  7. At the right corner of the page, you will see the re-print button
  8. Click on it. add your Jam reg number and click the re-print button
  9. The next thing you will see is your JAMB Print out which contains the information of your exact date,time and venue of the exam.

Some Important Notice!

  • Make sure the Mail addresses you used for the registration is what you are using to log in
  • Also note that you can still retrieve your Jamb slip form 2018 if you have lost yours
  • Note also that the exam is starting on 9th….. ending 17th
  • You can only access your Exam date, venue, center and time after you reprint Jamb slip 2018 form.

Hope this post on how to reprint Jamb slip 2018 form with different methods is understood, you can do us a favor by sharing all around to your friends and loved ones.

Remember to put down your comments below for any assistance or complain</>.

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