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Peter Okoye Wife Lola Get Slapped By Fans For Smoking Publicly

Peter Okoye Wife Lola Get Slapped By Fans For Smoking Publicly. This was a slap on many people’s face as they see the popular Nigerian singer Peter Okoye’s wife Lola of the P-Square group smoking publicly when she partied with the husband some few times ago.

Fans says she is not doing as a mother and not as an African mother supposed to behave. They say its unprofessional and as a mother of kids, she shouldn’t suppose to do that in public.

Many fans took to their page to call her lots of names saying what is she teaching to the young ones looking up to her. Another of her followers went ahead to say that after all cigarette is no use to the body as it is 99.9% harmful and 0.1%</> useful, which means not useful at all.

“Everything is wrong. What’s she teaching the younger ones looking up to her. Besides, cigarettes is 99.9% harmful and 0.1% USEFUL. How about that?”

Peter Okoye Wife Lola Get Slapped By Fans For Smoking Publicly

Some other ones said, “Sorry Mr p, you really don’t deserve this no matter how you try to pretend .I’m very sure if you have another chance you would remarry, at least to someone you can control and not to detect for you”

Heaps of her supporters have gotten her out, saying the demonstration is ‘Unafrican’ and ought not be done by a lady who has kids. They additionally censured the artist for enabling his better half to smoke.

Peter Okoye wife Lola really receive a blast from her fans for deliberately smoking in public. They also condemned her husband for allowing her do it in public. This really got some the fans crazy and they have to take it to the hills top to express how they feel.

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Flozychris to the comment box to say “Please stop smoking, i love you”. Indeed this peter Okoye wife Lola smoking publicly pissed people off as they threw some abuse to her and said what she did is not fair and that it is “UNAFRICAN” as some would put it

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