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Kidney Transplant First Done In Nigeria Turns Success | See Photos

The Kidney Transplant First Done In Nigeria Turns Success | See Photos. It was indeed a huge success to the southeast of Nigeria as the first ever kidney transplant was a success. The reporters says it is indeed a new beginning for the country Nigeria.

Kidney transplant is what most citizen of Nigeria go to other country to do but the ever firt one beign done has become a success and urges Nigerian to support the good change.

The operation was done at the Federal Medical Center (FMC), Umuahia in Abia State. The reporter has also added some pictures to indeed back up his claims.

He also said that while we were talking about Jerusalem and Commissioner for Happiness,the first ever kidney transplantation in Southeast Nigeria was going on at FMC UMUAHIA Abia State.

Alas, the urine has flown, after 3 years of complete cessation. THIS IS HISTORY. I am really excited and proud my brother-in-law was part of it. Dr Chime Ichi kwala ochi taa?</>

This has become a new beginning for this country Nigerians as advice was given to all the political rulers to at least support the new change and lift up this great development.

Kidney Transplant First Done In Nigeria Turns Success | See Photos

Our political leaders has find joy in flying out of this great country of ours anytime they have any health issue, but this new development has called for support and putting in money to sustain it the publisher wrote.

Most country are professionals in conducting kidney transplant and they derive joy when other countries come in to perform operation and seek information about their health or any other thing.

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This has brought cool and lasting development to their economy and i hope it will be a new development for the country Nigeria because a huge support can indeed make this change stay and remain.

According to the publisher, the government should at least key-into this new rise up “Kidney transplant”for the betterment of this country Nigeria.

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