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Keyword Planner is a tool which helps every online marketer ( blogger) to get the right keyword for his business and Today, i am going to be teaching you the most simpler or the Easier Way To Use Adword Keyword Planner Tool. Most people find it difficult to use this Google Adword keyword planner tools but i guarantee you an easier method to it by just reading all of this content carefully.

Keyword planner tool like i said above is a very essential tool for all bloggers and every publishers online. It helps you get the right keyword so you can be able to rank high in search engines. It helps you get your audience and know what they really search on.

Lots of online publishers lets say 97% is familiar with keyword planner but only few of them knows how to use it. If you are among this category, do not bother yourself just read this blog post very well to understand everything you need to know.

It helps every user generate keyword ideas and to target a particular audience. It gives you clearer information about the volume of people searching for that particular word.

Keyword Planner – Easier Way To Use Adword Keyword Planner Tool

Now, let us move through in knowing how to use thee Google Adword keyword planner tool to generate thousand visitors.

Keyword Planner - Easier Way To Use Adword Keyword Planner Tool

To start using this amazing and helping tool, you will first of all need Google Adword account. If you have tried to create one for yourself but could not, just do not bother as i am going to be listing the steps for you.

How To Create Google Adword Keyword Planner Free Account Without Ad Campaign.

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  • First of all make sure your internet connection is stable and never interrupted
  • With your mobile browser,
  • Click on Google Adword
  • Hit the create an account button at thee top right of the homepage
  • Fill in your email and other necessary details
  • Then click on the create new Adword account with the same email
  • A new page will be open
  • Click on tools above
  • Select keyword planner and that;s it

This above little procedure will not only lead you into creating free Google Adword key planner tool account but will also be helping you in your daily word ideas. Now let us see how to use the keyword planner tool in the below paragraph.

Easier Way To Use Adword Keyword Planner Tool

This stage will bring into light the easier way to use this keyword planner tool so you can start getting keyword ideas and rank high in google.

Keyword Planner - Easier Way To Use Adword Keyword Planner Tool

The procedure on how to do this is fully written below for you, just carefully follow each and every one of them for best result.

  1. Make sure you have created your free Adword account
  2. Then login to your homepage
  3. Click on tools and select keyword planner
  4. select the search for keywords and Ad group ideas
  5. Different options will be open to you
  6. Click on the first and put in the word related to your niche or products
  7. you can also put your landing page (ie where you will like people to land when searching for the keyword)
  8. target particular country like the US and others
  9. Click on the get new ideas
  10. Your keyword suggestion will be shown
  11. For better result on search engines, select the low average searches as it will help you appear or rank high.

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Congratulations to you if you fully followed all of these steps correctly as it will definitely lead you in creating a successful Google Adword account and also using the keyword planner tool successfully to rank high in search engines.

Put down your comments below the box if you have any and share to your friends.

Good Luck!

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